PSM 51

ONWARD PSM 100 : Revitalizing the Landscape of
Research and Education through
Microbiology in the Philippines

ONWARD PSM100 : Revitalizing the Landscape of
Research and Education through
Microbiology in the Philippines

20 July 2022 – Preconvention Day
21-22 July 2022 – Convention Proper

Virtual Event in cooperation with Trinity University of Asia


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Naturally, humans and animals co-exist in the same
environment.  This has been used by microbes to their advantage as a big opportunity by
both, making the efforts to control and eradicate them harder. The One Health approach is
defined by
the CDC as a collaborative, multisectoral, and trans-disciplinary approach — working at the
regional, national, and global levels — with the goal of achieving optimal health outcomes
recognizing the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared
environment.  Professionals from different fields of expertise have been working hand in hand to
achieve the objectives of the One Health approach. They have seen its importance in food safety,
control of different zoonoses and most especially, to address the current war regarding
resistance.  As microbes are very much coordinated, antibiotic resistance can be
transmitted from humans to animals and back and forth, making it harder, as mentioned earlier,
control and completely eradicate them.

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Important Dates

April 30, 2022

Deadline for Abstract Submissions

April 30, 2022

Deadline of Nominations

May 31, 2022

Deadline Online Pre-Registration

April 30, 2022

Deadline For Sponsors


Event Features

  • µ TALK on Microbiology Updates
  • YRG Session
  • Outstanding Microbiologist Lecture




Hilton Manila, 1 Newport Blvd, Pasay, 1309 Metro Manila,


Click here to see instructions via google maps See Google Maps


Below are the list of options on how can you travel going to Clark Marriott Hotel.

By Air:

From Cebu:

  1. Cebu Pacific
  2. Philippine Airlines
  3. Philippine Airlines operated by PAL Express
  4. AirAsia

Source: Google
flight directions

From IloIlo:

  1. Cebu Pacific
  2. Philippine Airlines operated by PAL Express


From Davao:

  1. Cebu Pacific
  2. Philippine Airlines
  3. Philippine Airlines operated by PAL Express


From the Clark International Airport:

Exit the airport and head north for 270 meters. At the roundabout take the 1st exit and head
on Andres Bonifacio Ave. After 350 meters, turn right onto Claro M. Recto Highway. Continue straight
2.4km then turn left onto L. Rivera St. After 140 meters, turn right into the hotel complex.



By Land:

From Quezon City, Metro Manila (Private Vehicle):

  1. Get on NLEx/E1/R-8 in Balintawak: 3 min (1.3 km)
  2. Follow NLEx/E1/R-8 to Prince Balagtas Ave in Clark Freeport, Mabalacat. Take exit 91-Clark
    N Luzon W Expy/SCTEx/Subic – Clark – Tarlac Expy/R-8: 1 h 2 min (82.9 km)
  3. Follow Prince Balagtas Ave, Panday Pira Ave and Creekside Rd to your destination


From Pasay, Metro Manila (Public Transport)

Bus Companies

HM Transport Inc –
(02) 541 4409
Genesis Transport Service – (02) 709 0545
Metro Rail Transit Corporation – (02) 638 1753


P2P BUS CLARK & MANILA: Schedule, Stops & Fares


Bus Stops in Manila

Here are the exact locations of the pick-up and drop-off spots of P2P buses n Manila. NOTE that the
2 and NAIA 1 stops are for DROP-OFF ONLY. You can’t board the bus from there. If you’re coming from
Terminals 1, 2, or 4, you will have to take a cab or Uber to Terminal 3 (Bay 14).

  • NAIA 3. Bay 14 at the Arrival area. PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF. Bus Terminal
    numbers: +63 933 852 7687, +63 933 852 7669.
  • NAIA 2. Bay 20 at the Arrival area. DROP-OFF ONLY!
  • NAIA 1. At the Departure Curbside. DROP-OFF ONLY!
  • Robinsons Galleria (Ortigas). At the driveway EDSA side. PICK UP AND DROP
  • Trinoma. P2P Terminal along EDSA, close to MRT North Station. PICK UP AND
    OFF. Contact numbers: +63 933 852 6813, +63 933 852 7675.


P2P Bus Stops in Clark

  • SM Clark Transport Hub. PICK UP AND DROP OFF. Contact numbers: +63 933 852
    6762, +63 933 852 6771.
  • DOTR Office & Clark Center
  • Clark International Airport. Contact numbers: +63 933 852 7677, +63 933 852






Day 1 – July 18 , 2019


0700 – 0830 Registration
0830 – 0945 Opening Ceremonies
0945 – 1000 Opening of Trade Exhibits and Poster Presentation
1020 – 1100 Plenary Lecture 1
1100 – 1140 Plenary Lecture 2
1140 – 1200 PSM Awards


1200 – 1230 Outstanding Microbiologist Lecture
1230 – 1330 Lunch / Poster Session
1330 – 1400 PAM Ceremonies
1400 – 1640 Best Paper Competition
1640 – 1740 Business Meeting and General Assembly
1830 – Fellowship Night

Day 2 – July 19 , 2019


0700 – 0800 Registration
0830 – 0920 Director’s Cut Institutional Researches in Microbiology
0920 – 0940 µ Talk
0940 – 1000 Snacks and Poster Session
1000 – 1140 Technical Sessions
1140 – 1200 Sponsor’s Lecture


1200 – 1300 Lunch/Poster Session
1300 – 1320 PSL Publication Launching
1320 – 1400 Plenary Lecture 3
1400 – 1440 Plenary Lecture 4
1440 – 1520 Plenary Lecture 5
1520 – 1700 Snacks / Closing Ceremonies




How to Register

  • 1 Login/Create a Philsocmicro Online account @
  • 2 Choose which Payment Channel you Prefer
  • 3 Settle the Amount on which Payment channel you
  • 4 You will receive a Notification/Confirmation email about
    your transaction.
  • 5 Proceed to and
    click the Registration Button on the event’s place facade
  • 6 complete the registration form and make sure
    to upload your proof of payment
  • 7 You will receive an email verification once
    your registration has been approved /

Virtual Event Location

Click here to go to the event place

In Partnership with Trinity University of Asia . 

Convention Rates

ProfessionalPhp 300
UndergraduatePhp 100

Membership Fees


Regular MemberPhp 300
Annual DuesPhp 300
Life Member**Php 3000


**After one year of regular membership

  • Incoming members shall pay the regular membership fee and annual dues (Total of Php 600)
  • Visit for more details.
  • Participants are required to create or update their PSM Account.Register

Payment Methods




Steps on How to Register

  • 1Login/Create a Philsocmicro Online account @
  • 2Choose which Payment Channel you Prefer
  • 3Settle the Amount on which Payment channel you
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  • 5Done. See you on PSM 48

On-site Registration

Pre-registration will close at midnight May 31, 2019. Thereafter the pre-registration will
be applicable
for any registrations online. Any delegates wishing to register after pre-registration has
closed can register upon arrival at the registration desk on July 19 or 20, 2019 at the even
venue. On-site registrations will be accepted, but Congress materials may be
limited. Delegates planning to register on-site are advised to arrive early. On-site
registration will proceed on a first-come, first-served manner. Please see the time schedule
registration hours.


  1. Early registrations fees are only available for those who register and make full
    before May 31, 2019. If you register and do not make payment by the said date, you
    should make payment for the on-site registration fees.
  2. Attendees are required to create or update their PSM Account to register.
    PSM registration
  3. By signing up on the registration domain of PSM will give you your new PSM ID,
    access to
    our payment channels , exclusive downloads and will give you the capability to
    abstracts for the PSM convention
  4. For Accompanying person: Includes AM/PM snacks, lunch and cocktails;
    non-attendance to plenary/parallel session and no kits will be provided
  5. Accompanying persons are not required to have a PSM Online account instead should be
    registered by a Participant/Event Attendee via their PSM online Account


Register now


Registration Fees

May 31, 2022

Deadline Online Pre-Registration





  • !to ensure that we can communicate/contact you.
    Please UPDATE the extended credentials on your user profile on the dashboard. specifically a working email address and mobile number
  • 1Prepare a copy of your abstract. Make sure to follow this format click here to see abstract sample
  • 2Sign-up/Login to
  • 3Find and Click the word Abstract on the dashboard sidebar menu and click it
  • 4Once on the Abstract Submission page fill up the necessary fields according to which category your paper is being submitted into
  • 5Upload a copy of your Abstract (only .doc or docx files will be accepted)

April 30, 2022

Deadline for Abstract Submissions

All Papers submitted will be evaluated by a screening committee led by :
Best Paper Competition
Lucille C. Villegas, PhD, DPAM
Institute of Biological Sciences UP Los Banos
[email protected]
Technical Sessions
Noel G. Sabino, PhD
Institute of Biological Sciences UP Los Banos
[email protected]
Poster Paper Competition
Crisanto M. Lopez, Dr. rer. nat.
Department of Biology, Ateneo de Manila University
[email protected]

Call for Papers




Aside from lower rates for PSM events, Members of the society have access to scholarship grants
given by the society yearly.

Thesis/Dissertation Reproduction Grant (TRG)
Thesis/Dissertation Subsidy Grant (TSG)
Young Researchers Grant (YRG)

Become a Member
About Grants
Esco-PSM Research Grants New!


PSM Grants

for more information , please contact
Angella Melisa Carlos, MSc
Institute of Biological Sciences, UP los Banos.
[email protected]
Thesis Reproduction Grant
3 BS Students
2 MS Students
Php 10,000
1 Phd Student
Thesis Subsidy Grant
Php 10,000
3 BS Students
Php 20,000
2 MS Students
Php 40,000
1 Phd Student
ESCO Thesis Subsidy Grant
Php 10,000
1 BS Students
Php 20,000
1 MS Students
Php 40,000
1 Phd Student

For Members




As a national society of microbiologists, the Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc. (PSM, Inc.) endeavors to enrich and make vibrant and productive the science of microbiology. The Society honors the microbiologist and give recognition for his/her body of works in microbiology so that in some way, others may gain inspiration and the proper motivation to discover, refine and disseminate new scientific information in microbiology.

To learn more about the various awards given by PSM:


Nominations must be submitted via email to
Joel C. Cornista, MSc, SMicro
Ex-officio PSM
EMAIL:[email protected]
with the Subject : PSM AWARDS 2022 : ( Category of Award)

PSM Awards




Interested in becoming one of the sponsors for PSM 51? Download the form below to see the available
packages for sponors/exhibitors for the event.

For more information contact:
Christian Jordan O. Dela Rosa,
MSc Dept of Biology
De La Salle University
Email: [email protected]

April 30, 2022

Deadline For Sponsors

Event Partners