Scholarship / Grants

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One of the mandates of Philippine Society for Microbiology (PSM) is to promote scientific knowledge in microbiology or related fields through workshops, symposia, trainings, reports, and publications. With this in mind, PSM has made the following scholarship grants available for application exclusive for its’ members


Thesis/Dissertation Reproduction Grant (TRG)

PSM will give thesis awards to six (6) B.S. and four (4) M.S. and two (2) Ph.D. students. The grant is intended for printing and reproduction of the students’ thesis amounting to PhP 5,000 for each B.S. student; PhP 7,500 for the M.S and Php 10,000.00 for Ph.D. student.


Thesis/DissertationSubsidy Grant (TSG)

The Thesis/Dissertation Subsidy Grant (TSG) is divided into the following categories: (1)
Undergraduate (2) Master and (3) Doctorate. Microbiology should be the main theme of the thesis or dissertation.


Young Researchers Grant (YRG)

PSM Young Researcher Grant will be based on the scientific merit of the study. The presenters of the top five papers based on the evaluation of the screening committee will be the recipients of the grant. At least five talented individuals will receive the award. The award is based on merit and is non-transferable.