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Sub-Pages the Following are previsously hosted pages for past conventions of PSM

  • PSM 46
    Microbiology: at the Forefront of Social Design
  • PSM 37
    The potentials of microorganisms to improve the quality of life are tremendous and the possibilities are endless. Microbial diversity is a treasure trove for exploitable biotechnology. Thru high-throughput screening and the application of novel techniques of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics and other tools of molecular biology, primary and secondary metabolites, such as enzymes and other bioactive substances as industrial catalysts, biopharmaceuticals, biopesticides, and other products of biotechnology have been discovered.
  • PSM 40
    The Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc. (PSM) with the support and cooperation of various institutions, convenes the Asia-Pacific Biotechnology Congress every five years to promote multi-country sharing of breakthroughs and collaborative research on microbial technology. First held in Manila in 1986, the Asia-Pacific Biotechnology Congress is simultaneously convened with the PSM Annual Convention.
  • PSM 41
    This year’s theme,” MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY: ADAPTING TO THE CHANGING MICROBIAL WORLD” highlights the importance of microbiology and biotechnology in our daily lives. Indeed, these sciences have risen to the challenges of the times from combating disease to providing food on the table to giving us clothing and shelter. However, because the world is always changing ...
  • PSM 42
    The Philippines is in the verge of revolutionizing education as various reforms were being developed. Innovative pedagogies, fostering a culture of research milieu, and educational reforms such as the K-12 programs are at the helm with one primordial purpose….to bring the much needed societal transformations
  • PSM 43
    In this decade of the Third Millennium of the Common Era in the Gregorian calendar, we have witnessed economic upheavals, political shifts, evolving educational systems, climate change, political controversies, and many others. Being flexible, innovative and creative are important traits to survive during these trying times. In 2014, the Philippine Society for Microbiology shall hold a convention that will focus on these very things. The theme for this convention will be:
  • PSM 44
    The past years have been fruitful in the field of Science and Technology and it made us more fervent that Microbiology is now among its eminent developing areas. Undeniably, Microbiology abets and complements the minds of scientists in other fields leading to more multidisciplinary achievements....
  • PSM 45
    The Philippine Society for Microbiology will have the merge of traditions and innovations towards ASEAN 2016 in the country with the 7th Asia Pacific Biotechnology Congress and 45th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting with the theme: “Microbiology and Biotechnology in ASEAN 2016: BridgingTraditions and Innovations.” PSM will aim to highlight in the Congress, the potential of microbes, and hopes that, through this event, microbiologists will be able to better appreciate the application of scientific knowledge from tradition leading to innovations that will augment the field towards ASEAN 2016.