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"The PSM Inc. will be holding its 49th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting with the theme: "Kawingan: PSM Creating Linkages for Achieving the UN SDGs" in Manila, Philippines on July 16-17, 2020. For its 49th Annual Convention, the PSM recognizes the importance of cooperation between microbiology and its allied fields through collaborative, multisectoral, and transdisciplinary approach in education, research and community extension at the local, regional and global levels. This shall help ensure a sustainable future for everyone.
The two-day scientific meeting and convention aims to promote a multi-disciplinary sharing of breakthroughs and innovation in medicine and nutrition, food safety, agriculture, environment, biodiversity, etc. Another goal is to inform the Microbiology community with the latest scientific information and results that have been worked on by pool of experts who will participate in the event. The convention will be attended by members of related professional organizations, leaders, in the industry, science teachers, microbiologists, professors, scientists, and students."

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Membership to the society is classified as charter, regular, life, honorary, and sustaining.As of November 2013, PSM has a total of 6779 members. No special qualifications are required to become a member except an interest in microbiology.

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