PSM 46

About the Convention ( PSM 46 ) Microbiology : at the Forefront of Social Design


at the Forefront of Social Design
July 6-7 2017
TRYP BY Wyndham, Mall of Asia . Manila-1Esplanade,MOA Complex, Pasay City Philippines
History has always seen microbes under a grim light – as agents of deathand disease. Yet what is interesting is that since time immemorial, humanity has also benefited from these so called “dangerous” microbes. Microbiology has been part of our lives despite having little or no knowledge of it.The Philippine Society for Microbiology, for its 46th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting, celebrates the importance of microorganisms in many practical aspects of human culture. Microorganisms appear in published literature, film and the arts. Viruses are important pathogens, while bacterial fermentation is a source of many food products and chemicals. Microorganisms are important in sewage treatment, and some serve as model organisms in genetics. How many movies of diseases and mass infection have we seen in theaters? Microorganisms, small as they are, play many important roles in human society Download CHED Endoresement

Important Dates

May 7, 2017

Deadline for Abstact Submissions

May 7, 2017

Deadline of Nominations

May 31, 2017

Deadline Online Pre-Registration
  • µ TALK on Microbiology Updates: PSM Members who are Academicians of the country
  • DIRECTOR’s CUT: State of the Art in Microbiology
  • YRG Session
  • Outstanding Microbiologist Lecture
  • Microbial enzymes (Fungal Endophytes)
  • Updates on Dengue Viral Infections
  • Novel bacterial enzymes
  • Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli and Vibrio cholerae

The Directors’ Cut

State of the Art in Microbiology
To come up with the research profile/updates of the microbiology research from different SCUs and other HEIs. Awareness of the research thrusts of these institutions will serve as a venue to invite other researchers working in the same field, promote and encourage collaboration, invite graduate students for the conduct of their research work, thereby maximizing resources and avoiding research duplications.


by Wyndham Mall of Asia Manila
Tentative Schedule
July 5
1500 – 1700 Early Registration2000 – 0000 Ingress
July 6
0700 – 0830 Registration830 – 1120 Opening Ceremonies1120 – 1200 Plenary Lecture 11200 – 1400 Group Picture, Lunch and Poster Viewing
1400 – 1440 Plenary Lecture 21440 – 1520 µ Talk1520 – 1600 Plenary Lecture 31600 – 1630 Snacks and Poster Viewing1630 – 1800 PSM General Assembly meeting1800 – 2100 Fellowship Night Vikings Venue (RSVP
July 7
0700 – 830 Registration830 – 0910 Plenary Lecture 40910 – 1000 Director’s Cut: State of the art in Microbiology1000 – 1020 Snacks and Poster Viewing1020 – 1200 Best Paper Competition
1200 – 1400 Lunch and Poster Viewing1400 – 1600 Technical Sessions / YRG Session1600 – 1630 Outstanding Microbiologist Lecture1630 – 1700 Snacks and Poster Viewing1700 – 1730 Closing Ceremonies
Convention Rates
 Pre-registrationOn-site registration
Undergraduate studentsPhP 5,300.00PhP 5,800.00
MembersPhP 6,000.00PhP 6,800.00
Non-membersPhP 7,000.00PhP 7,500.00
Foreign participantsUS$ 200.00US$ 250.00

May 7, 2017

Deadline for Abstact Submissions

May 7, 2017

Deadline of Nominations

May 31, 2017

Deadline Online Pre-Registration

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On-site Registration

Pre-registration will close at midnight May 31, 2017. Thereafter the pre-registration will not be applicable for any registrations online. Any delegates wishing to register after pre-registration has closed can register upon arrival at the registration desk on July 6 or 7, 2017 at the even venue. On-site registrations will be accepted, but Congress materials may be limited. Delegates planning to register on-site are advised to arrive early. On-site registration will proceed on a first-come, first-served manner. Please see the time schedule for registration hours.


  1. Early registrations fees are only available for those who register and make full payment before May 31, 2017. If you register and do not make payment by the said date, you should make payment for the on-site registration fees.
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Call for Papers


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  • Best Paper
  • Techinical Sessions
  • Poster Paper
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Reinlab-PSM Scholarship to Employment scheme New!

New Scholarships

This year, PSM introduces 2 new scholarship grants courtesy of Esco Philippines, Inc. and Reinlab Corporation. These new scholarships are expansion of the thesis subsidy grant and the thesis subsidy grant


Aside from lower rates for PSM events, Members of the society have access to scholarship grants given by the society yearly. Thesis/Dissertation Reproduction Grant (TRG) Thesis/Dissertation Subsidy Grant (TSG) Young Researchers Grant (YRG)
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PSM Awards

As a national society of microbiologists, the Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc. (PSM, Inc.) endeavors to enrich and make vibrant and productive the science of microbiology. Towards this end, it has seen fit to honor the microbiologist and give recognition for his/her body of works in microbiology so that in some way, others may gain inspiration and the proper motivation to discover, refine and disseminate new scientific information in microbiology. To learn more about the various awards given by PSM:
Merck Inc.
Lifeline Diagnostics Supplies, Inc.

3M Philippines, Inc

Fil-Anaserve Inc.


Lab Traders Inc.

Yana Chemodities Inc.

Macare Medicals

Glenwood Technologies International, Inc.
Chemoscience Phils. Inc.
RainPhil Inc.
Ritegroup Inc.
Yakult Philippines Inc.
Dakila Trading
Biokits Philippines Inc.
TNC Everlight Philippines Inc.