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PC: Online Payment Instructions Via Aurumpay (No Longer Available)

STATUS: No Longer Available

Check our new online payment option available to MasterCard (Credit Card), MasterCard (Debit Card) users and MLhullier (Over-the-counter) via PSM AurumPay Account. To Get Started Follow the Steps Below


  1. Login or Sign-up at registration.psm.org.ph- accomplishing this would give access to your PSM ID number
  2. Once logged in, Click the Payments link on the sidebar. This will direct you to the payments page of your account
  3. Look for a panel that says Payment Method A ( Transactions Through Aurumpay )
  4. Click the blue button that says Pay Online Here . This will transfer you to the AurumPayPro Page for PSM
  5. Select/click the proper Payment Facility of your choice ( MasterCard (Credit Card), MasterCard (Debit Card) users and MLhullier (Over-the-counter) )
  6. Fill Up the necessary information needed for your transaction including your PSM Id you acquired upon registration on the PSM user dashboard
  7. Select on the dropdown menu which category of fee you are going to pay (one type of transaction)
  8. Once done, click the I agree and accept checkbox at the bottom of the screen. A submit button will now appear on the screen. Click that submit button
  9. You will now be directed to a secure page where in you can now input your credit or debit card credentials.
  10. Fill in the credentials required and then click the Process Payment Button at the bottom of the screen.
  11. After the steps done above you will receive an email Via Aurmpay about your recent transaction

Paying via Aurumpay wont automatically generate a transaction history in your account on registration.psm.org.ph.

If you wish to have you transaction reflect on your user dashboard, Please use the form on Payment Method B and indicate in your payment notes that you paid through Aurumpay.

For Over The Counter Payments through Aurumpay. after you have accomplished all the steps above. you need to do all the steps in Payment Method B in order for us to ensure that we will be able to trace your transactions

For Credit Card / Debit Card Payees or Persons that will be utilizing a someone else’s card. Please Contact [email protected] immediately after doing your transaction so that we can sort out your names correctly when we print your event certificates.

Click here to use this method