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PSM 37

psm-old-archiveimageThe potentials of microorganisms to improve the quality of life are tremendous and the possibilities are endless. Microbial diversity is a treasure trove for exploitable biotechnology. Thru high-throughput screening and the application of novel techniques of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics and other tools of molecular biology, primary and secondary metabolites, such as enzymes and other bioactive substances as industrial catalysts, biopharmaceuticals, biopesticides, and other products of biotechnology have been discovered. Hence, microbe-based products now provide solutions to many of man’s problems and needs for medicine, industry, agriculture and industry. The business of biotechnology has generated billions of dollars in revenues for various biotech industries worldwide.

Many new organisms, information and potential applications are discovered everyday as scientists turn their attention to these minute but mighty creatures that our earth is blessed with. These discoveries will be discussed in this scientific forum, with the hope of unleashing more ideas and knowledge of how we can further exploit the potentials of microorganisms to produce more products for health and wellness to elevate our quality of life.

The Convention venue

The Convention will be held at the Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Convention Center in the island of Boracay, Aklan. It is the only resort in Boracay with the longest beach front of about 125 meters and is the first beach resort to receive a Triple-A rating by the Department of Tourism. The hotel has Wi-Fi high speed internet which can be accessed from the beachfront.

Scope and Topic

The Convention will include keynote address, plenary lectures, contributed papers and posters in the following areas of microbiology and biotechnology, representing the different divisions of PSM:

Agricultural, Aquatic, Basic, Educational, Environmental, Food, Industrial, Medical, Veterinary

Call for Contributed Papers

Papers are invited on any of the aforementioned topics for oral or poster presentation. The presenting author must be a pre-registered participant of the Convention.

Guidelines for Submission of Full Papers for Oral Presentation

The main focus of the paper is microbiology. It should not have been published nor presented in other national or international meetings.
The paper should contain the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion, Conclusion and Literature Cited. Submitted papers will be reviewed for adherence to established rules, scientific content and presentation by the appropriate Division Representatives and experts in the field who may recommend acceptance or rejection. The Technical Committee will have the final decision. Accepted papers will be grouped according to the Division indicated by the author in the Registration form, subject to the final approval of the Committee.

Oral Presentation Format

Plenary and Lead Paper Presentations will be of 30 minutes duration followed by 10 minutes of open forum. Contributed Papers will be of 20 minutes duration followed by 5 minutes of discussion. Audiovisual equipment will be available. For more information and submission of papers, please contact:

Dr. Francisco B. Elegado
Chair, Technical Sessions Committee
BIOTECH, UP Los Baños, Laguna 4031
Telephone: (049) 536-0547 / Fax: (049) 536-2721
Email: [email protected]

Competing Paper

One of the highlights of the PSM Convention is the Best Paper Competition, which aims to recognize excellence in microbiological research. PSM cordially invites the submission of research papers to compete for the Best Paper Awards. There will be two categories for the Best Paper Competition: Professional and Undergraduate Student.

Criteria for Acceptance of Paper for Competition

The paper must be original. Review papers and progress reports will not be accepted.
Must conform with the general guidelines for submission of papers for oral presentation as previously stated.
One of the co-authors must be a PSM member.

Oral Presentation Format for the Best Paper Session
The presentor will be given 20 minutes for the oral presentation of the research paper. Each presentation will be followed by a 10-minute open forum where members of the Board of Judges will be given priority. Additional questions from the floor will be entertained if the time permits. For more information and submission of papers, please contact:

Prof. Anthony C. Lee
Chair, Best Paper Committee
Biology Department, De La Salle University – Manila
Telefax: (02) 536-0228
Email: [email protected]
Poster Paper
A poster paper competition will also be undertaken. The presenting author should indicate upon submission if the paper is for competition, and in such case, one of the co-authors must be a PSM member.

General Guidelines for Submission of Papers for Poster Presentation

The main focus of the paper is microbiology. It should not have been published nor presented in other national or international meetings.
An abstract with a maximum of 250 words is required. For competing poster paper and for the proceedings, an extended Abstract (not less than four pages and with a brief description of Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion, and Conclusion is required.

Poster Presentation Format
The poster should be organized in sections: Introduction, Objectives, Methodology. Results and Discussion, and Conclusion. Please ensure readability from a distance of 2 meters. Posters should be printed in 3 ft by 6 ft tarpauline or cloth with ring holes on all corners. Leave 1 ft space at the bottom. Poster holders will be provided. For more information and submission of papers, please contact:

Prof. Noel G. Sabino
Chair, Poster Paper Committee
Institute of Biological Sciences, UP Los Baños, Laguna
Telephone: (049) 536-3368; Fax: (049) 536-2517
Email: [email protected]

Instructions for Preparation of Papers. Full papers are required for the oral presentation. An extended abstract for poster papers will be included in the Proceedings that will be prepared. Please use the following page setup and format

Paper size: letter portrait (8.5 x 11”)
Margin guide: 1 inch in all sides
Line spacing: 1 space
Font: Arial
Title of Paper: Font size 12 / capitalize all letters / bold and center-aligned / italicize scientific names.
Authors: Font size 10 / bold and center-aligned / indicate the full names of the authors / capitalize all letters for the name of the presenting author.
Address: Font size 10 and center-aligned / indicate the email address or contact number of the corresponding author.
Abstract: Font size 11 / bold and justified / maximum of 250 words / must briefly mention the objective, methodology, results and discussion, and conclusion.
Body: Font size 11 and justified / use bold letters for heading and bold italics for subheading / the paper, including tables and figure should not exceed 10 pages for competing papers and 6 pages for non-competing papers.

Submit four hard copies for competing papers and two for non-competing papers. An electronic copy written using MS Word for Windows should also be submitted. The deadline for submission of all papers is on March 15, 2008. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by March 22, 2008.