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Priscilla C. Sanchez Award For Food Microbiology

The Priscilla Chinte-Sanchez (PCS) Award for Food Microbiology is a prestigious honor
and recognition bestowed for excellence in food microbiological research in the Philippines. It is
a lifetime achievement award. The award recognizes exemplary performance by individuals,
professionals, and members of the community who have consistently excelled in the field of
food microbiology while demonstrating integrity and commitment to ISSAAS’ mission and core
values, which are “to encourage a holistic approach to problems and to promote the progress
and development of science and technology through research and publication…for Southeast
Asian agricultural development”.

The PCS Award was first conceptualized during the 2005 ISSAAS Philippines National
Congress held in Tagaytay City, Cavite, and thereafter the very first PCS Award for Research
was given to Dr. Teodoro S. Solsoloy in 2007 for his outstanding accomplishments as a
scientist. The award has three (3) categories of excellence — in leadership, in research, and in
a particular field chosen by the Board of Directors in the year of the award. Indeed, the PCS
Award marks the distinction of excellence in leadership and research in the scientific
communities. It has been given every two years since its inception in 2007. It will again be given
this 2022 to an outstanding individual or group with unequivocal outstanding contribution over a
period of time to the advancement of food microbiological research in the Philippines.

1. PCS Awards Committee Composition
The screening and review committee of the PCS Award for Food Microbiology is
composed of seven (7) ISSAAS members, from whom the overall committee chair is chosen.
Excluding the committee chair, three (3) of the seven (7) are ISSAAS board member
representatives. The remaining three (3) are active ISSAAS members with strong involvement in
the academic and research community from different disciplines in agricultural sciences
including food microbiology.

This year’s PCS Award committee is composed of the following:
Chair: Dr. Baby Richard R. Navarro
Co-chair: Dr. Marita S. Pinili
Members: Dr. Fernando C. Sanchez Jr.
Dr. Simplicio M. Medina
Dr. Evalour T. Aspuria
Dr. Renato G. Reyes
Dr. Susan May F. Calumpang

2. Nomination
A faculty or researcher of any SUC can submit their nominations, all of which will remain
confidential; no self-nominations will be accepted. Nominations will be forwarded to the PCS
Award Committee for Food Microbiology constituted as mentioned above.

Required Documentation
∙ Nomination form
∙ At least two (2) but no more than three (3) concise narrative letters of support that address one
or more of the criteria* listed below.
∙ Essential documents to support the nominee’s excellence in the field of Food Microbiology
(e.g., awards, instituted policies, publications, patents, and technologies)

Criteria for Award
∙ Exemplary Achievement and Performance: Has consistently and substantially exceeded the
expectations of the present position, performing at a level above and beyond normal job
requirements and expectations; has made important and significant contributions in the field of
Food Microbiology; and has contributed and demonstrated commitment to the ISSAAS mission
and core values
∙ Educational Attainment: Has an MS or PhD degree in Food Microbiology, Applied Microbiology,
or Food Science; and demonstrates broad knowledge in his/her field
∙ Integrity: Has consistently and substantially demonstrated honesty in one’s work; has
demonstrated exceptional ability to foster research collaboration, communication, and
cooperation among colleagues and members of the scientific community
∙ Work Experience: Has substantive experience in his/her work as a food microbiologist.
*The PCS Award for Food Microbiology shall not discriminate against any person in terms of gender, color, or political
or religious affiliations.

Call for nomination will be sent out on 15 April 2022.
a. Nomination form
b. Consent of the nominee
c. Comprehensive portfolio of the nominee with supporting documents

Download the nomination form here