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PSM 50: Young Researchers Grant

8th Asia Pacific Biotechnology Congress
50th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting

Young Researchers Grant

Every convention, PSM recognizes the contribution of graduate students and early career scientists in the field of microbiology. Graduate students with exceptional research papers will be awarded the YRG during the 50th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting and 8th Asia Pacific Biotechnology Congress. This entitles the student to oral presentation of the research during the technical session and waived registration fee. For this year, two (2) talented individuals will receive the award. The award is based on merit and is non-transferable. The decision of the screening committee is final and irrevocable.
1. The presenting author must be a graduate student (MS or PhD) or has graduated by June of the preceding year.
2. The presenting author must have a substantial contribution to the study to be presented. Substantial contribution means the presenting author is the author of the thesis/dissertation or a co-investigator of the study.
3. The paper has not been published nor presented in any national or international scientific forum.
4. The screening committee will select from abstracts of PSM members that are submitted for the non-competing category.
5. Must be not more than 40 years old as of June of the convention year.
6. Must not be a recipient of the PSM thesis subsidy or reproduction grant.

Deadline of submission: 30 April 2021
See “How to submit abstract” section for the guidelines on online submission.

For more information, contact:
Pierangeli G. Vital, PhD, DPAM
PSM Business Manager FY 2020-2021
Email: [email protected]

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