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Call for Virtual Poster Presentations for the 50th PSM Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting and 8th Asia-Pacific and Biotechnology Congress. For submissions and inquiries, please contact Prof. Christian Jordan O. Dela Rosa. Deadline of submission is on April 30, 2021 via the PSM Submission Portal at

1. All submission is via https://www.psm.org.ph/guides-notes-faqs/submit-abstracts/. Deadline of submissions is on April 30, 2021.
2. Abstract content:
a. Short introduction
b. Objectives
c. Short Method
d. Results and Conclusions
e. Keywords
3. Submitted abstracts should be in an editable format preferably in .doc or .docx.
4. For submitted abstracts and virtual poster, the corresponding author’s name should have a superscripted asterisk after the name and the presenting author’s name should be underlined. No need to all caps anything.
5. All poster submissions are grouped based on the following topics: Agricultural, Aquatic, Basic, Education, Environmental, Food, Industrial, Medical, and Veterinary. Moreover, each abstract will be assigned a number code.
6. All abstract submissions for poster presentation will initially be evaluated based on their Abstracts alone. This will be done at the committee level only. The parameters for evaluations:
a. Topic and content are Microbiology,
b. Scientific soundness of the research (based on the Abstract)
c. Abstract should be 250-400 words, single paragraph, and no subtitles.
7. Poster re-classification:
a. Non-competing poster submissions can be elevated to competing posters category.
b. Competing posters submissions if not qualified will be placed in the non-competing posters category.
c. Poster submission can be recommended in the Technical/Parallel sessions subject to the approval of the Chair of the Technical/Parallel sessions (Dr. Marilen Balolong).
d. Competing oral presentations/Technical session submissions that did not qualify can be accepted to the Posters (Competing/non-competing) subject to the same initial evaluations as stated above.
8. Participants with qualified abstract submissions will receive their Letter of Acceptance on May 21-25, 2021.
Non-qualified submissions will receive their Letter of Non-acceptance on May 21-25, 2021.
9. NOTE: For posters that will qualify in the competing category, please be informed that part of the competition is the 5-minute RAPID TALK Presentation during the Convention. Details will be given by June 1, 2021.
10. Virtual Posters Format:
a. All virtual posters should be submitted either as JPEG or TIFF only.
b. Minimum font size of 24.
c. Virtual poster layout should be in Portrait.
d. Dimension: 30” x 40”. At least 1 cm border on all sides.
e. Design format and creativity is left to the discretion of the participant/s.
f. Filename format for submission: .jpg or .tiff.
g. Content of the virtual posters should include the following:
i. Title of Research
ii. Author/s and Affiliation/s
iii. Introduction (reduced)
iv. Methods
v. Results
vi. Discussion (reduced)
vii. Conclusion
viii. Reference/s – only those used in the poster.