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  1. Poster Papers are categorized into 2 namely: Competing and Non-Competing. Under both categories, submissions will be further sub-categorized to either Professional or Non-Professional/ Undergraduate.
  2. The corresponding author should indicate upon submission if the poster paper is for competition, and in that case, at least one of the authors must be a PSM Member.
  3. Starting 2018 for COMPETING POSTERS, please note that the BEST POSTER COMPETITION would be evaluated thrice.

1st evaluation – SCREENING. After submission, an evaluation of the abstracts sufficiency in content and adherence to format will be done. If passed, only then will it be officially be accepted into the Poster competing category. Otherwise, it will be placed in the Poster non-competing category.

2nd evaluation – if accepted for the Poster competing category, it will be presented during the 1st day of the convention and the PRESENTING AUTHOR/S will have to stand beside their poster at certain times during the convention. This will constitute 80% of the FINAL SCORE

3rd evaluation – POSTER RAPID TALK. Out of the several Posters presented, the top 3 from the 2nd evaulation will orally present their research on the 2nd day of the Convention. They will be given a maximum of 3 minutes to present their poster research. This will constitute 20% of their FINAL SCORE


General Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts for Poster Presentation

  1. The main focus of the paper is microbiology.
  2. For BOTH Competing and Non-competing categories, it shoud NOT have been published NOR PRESENTED IN ANY OTHER SCIENTIFIC FORUM/ MEETING (internationally and/or locally) other than a Final Thesis Defense/ Presentation from their respective Research or Academic Institution.
  3. The abstract should only contain 300 – 400 words. NO EXTENDED ABSTRACTS.
  4. Review papers or progress reports will not be accepted.
  5. Submissions should FOLLOW THE FORMAT given (see sample ABSTRACT FORMAT below)
  6. Please submit the Abstracts in WORD file and NOT as PDF. Also, please do not put watermarks on your submission. Rest assured that as a matter of policy that all information that you submitted to PSM with regards to your research are strictly kept confidential.
  7. Official Accepetance Letter will be sent to the corresponding author together with other pertinent information such as poster size, poster sections, etc.


TEXTAll texts should be written in English, single-spaced, and font in Arial with font Size of 12.
TITLE  It should be centered, in bold, and should not be in all caps.
  1. It should also be in centered and not in all caps.
  2. Underline the name of the PRESENTING AUTHOR, and place a superscript asterisk for the CORRESPONDING AUTHOR.
  3. Indicate the complete affiliation/ address of all the author/s and not just the corresponding/ presenting authors’.
  4. Provide only the email address of the corresponding author
BODYThe entire abstract should be justified and is limited to 300 – 400 words only.

New Sample Abstract