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2019 Cluster 1 Symposium

Registration Status: Closed

Register herePSM Cluster 1 Symposium

Sustainable Microbe-Based Technology for Food Security and Health

November 16, 2019

FEU Auditorium, Far Eastern University Manila

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Pre-registration deadline: OCTOBER 16 2019
Below is the Step by Step Guide for the pre-registration process

1. Choose between Method A (via DragonPay) or Method B (via BPI)
2. Settle your Bank deposit at your nearest  BPI Branch. For Method A proceed to step 3.
3. Visit  registration.psm.org.ph.
4. Create  account (New Users) or Login.
5. Click on the “Payments”. Choose the payment method you selected from step 1.
——5.a.Method A: Read the instructions carefully and follow each steps to each corresponding  channel  you will use
——5.b.Method B: Fill up the information required and attach a scanned  image , screenshot  or a photo of your proof of payment
6.Confirmation and Clearance :
——6.a.Method A: wait for the confirmation email from DragonPay.
——6.b.Method B: Check within 3 working days if transaction is cleared on the payments history tab

CategoryPre-registration On-site Registration
MemberPhP 800PhP 1,200
Non-memberPhP 1,000PhP 1,400
Undergraduate student*PhP 600PhP 900

*Students: Proof of status (i.e. registration form) needs to be provided at the time of registration. For inquiries, email us at [email protected]
*Registration is open to everyone. Note that registration online/ creating a psm online account does not constitute official membership to the society . Please read our document for membership to learn more.

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