Update: Registration For PSM Cluster 1 Symposium Is Now Officially Closed.

Please be advised that registration for the PSM Cluster 1 Symposium on November 25 is CLOSED. The meeting is full, and there will be NO onsite registration.

Thank you.

Registration for 2017 Cluster 1 Symposium is now officially closed.

  • We will be only entertaining registered participants with proof of payment/deposit slips dated Oct 31st and days prior.
  • Make sure to file your invoice/registration today at the user dashboard to ensure your name would make it on the list of participants.

Additional Notes:
if you are paying for someone’s behalf. Make sure that individual has an existing account or encourage that person to register an account . This is to ensure that PSM will be able to trace the identity of that person and attached your transaction with that particular account. Not unless you have paid through an authorized PSM officer, you have to do it this way.

Thank you for your understanding and have a good day.